Chris Stokes Starting The Year Off Right

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B2K Reunion Tour Announced

Chris Stokes Fitness Friday

Chris Stokes Ent Workout

It’s Friday and another great, successful week is coming to a close. Starting this Friday and for ever Friday from now on I will be sharing some of my gym regimen. As I’m getting older I realize the importance and value of maintaining your health and making your body strong. With that said, welcome to Fitness Friday’s. For my workout today I did some seated dumbbell curls. They got my arms our here aching lol!!! But it was a great workout and now I’m extra ready to attack this day. Stay healthy and fit people.
The link to the proper way to do this workout is below –
Seated Arm Curl

Still Relaxing With Chris Stokes

Ok…so I had soooo much fun this past weekend I had to share one more photo from my wonderful weekend. It’s a wonderful time to be aware of the things that you have going on and value in your life. Truly enjoy the rest of your week good people.

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